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Thread: Poor mans Project 1979 CX500" Reserection"

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    Rough one to say the least you sure you got all the inventory of parts? Mine also sat for 14 years on a deck in Salem Oregon before I bought it in Hubbard Oregon . I must have been lucky! I had more motorcycle left . Iam sure you got tools and knowledge but holy smokes!

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    Went 700mi. 4th. of July weekend on the signature bike 47 - 49 MPG Zippy little thing loaded with

    Joe Rocket throw over bags Tank bag and an old tool box on the rack California Hwy 99 is rough,

    and dark lot of construction.

    What any suggestion for a better light or adjuster like big Vetter on Quicksilver (square lamp),and bottoming forks (more oil,spacers,gs750 springs?)

    Something else ?

    Maybe finish the 1981 GL500S ?

    Will order some parts this week and update the RES-er-Phoenix Project as soon as I get my new phone,

    or locate missing Olympus camera.

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    Never-mind !!! It was stupid question day!!

    I must have been burnt out.......... forks........spacer.........replace oil.......raise level.......Done.

    Headlight........ ordered diamond cut conversion w H 4 bulb and now have a modern headlight.....looks cool too.:rs::rs2::rs3:

    Would put LO* but never have never will.:idea1:

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    O K I actually went across town and into the shop today for a little brain storming session.

    The turn signals and head light were used feebay nobody seamed to want them so as I remember $ 22 for all.

    The chrome bars go the black from the Suzi most likely to go on I m thinking

    upside down for the vintage board tracker look.

    The muffler is too long for my taste so section job with a rainbow tig weld with about 10-12 inch removed.

    I prefer the tip as is rather than an angle cut. The trend seems to be go with an exaggerated size muffler.

    The tail lights and rear fender is where the toughest choice is. There is the sorta brit cafe modded stock

    tail light cowl it sits too high in pic but try to imagine it down low after the frame mod. if I keep the

    area above the wheel open the tire cant hit anything moving cross bar aft will allow it to be lowered to

    frame height due to radius of tire maybe another in the front before the apex area for same clearance.

    Options on tail light are stock large 70s style small stock 60s scrambler the chrome tip red can be turn

    and twin tail combo with a cyclops stop or combo. the big black thing is a stop tail thing from an unknown

    machine that I found in the high desert near Edwards AFB Ca.

    Now that I see it on there it looks big but would have stop tail and turn signals with a custom lens

    Red plastic with stop script and turn arrows in green yellow blue or another color lit with led always on

    could make it appear a little smaller by color matching and keeping lens inside the housing lip inset

    so the metal frames an protects it,and or suspending it st the rearmost point of the tire on create a

    roost stopper lic plate holder bumper thing. Something special in my mind . You'd have to see it kinda hard

    to put into words.

    I stuck the fender in there and decided the only way it looked right is modded and blacked out so

    whats the point of metal.

    None of this is written in stone or even ink so go ahead and comment suggest or tell me I M

    an Idiot

    Have alternate headlights front turn lights little carbon fiber led to stock an in between .

    Always liked board track speedway and antique bikes so sort of an eclectic mix.

    Would like the seat a little lower so maybe a frame mod just behind the tank so as to bring

    195 Lbs. down and not be laid out on top of the bike more part of the bike arms about

    level more ergonomic than aggressive . Maybe Drag bars.

    Have some stock mufflers too, so a neat 2 into 1 like I've not yet seen anywhere before that is an option

    The Intake will need some tuner tricks to balance with the exhaust system for a smooth power band.

    Have some flat slides but will hold off on them for now.

    I think that covers the thought process for now.:wave:

    P.S next time the pix will be smaller for easier viewing and download this freebie camera

    Olympus FE-20 takes nice clear color correct pix.

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    You are not an idiot.

    I'll definitely be watching this resurrection. I'm curious about your Harley pipes...are they identical or is one a catalyst pipe? A correct matched pair for a Harley Sportster in California will be one open straight-through pipe and one catalyst pipe, heavier and more restricted.
    1981 CX500D project registered WOO HOOOO
    1978 CX500 parts bike

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    Check my comment in your build thread.

    No both are full size Harley cans they seem too long.

    so will probably get shortened just how that will happen undecided.

    I have only 1 definite idea stay within budget an do all the 99.5% work myself.

    I can call in a friend for welds that show cuz my welding is not perfect

    and he has the best tig that money can buy,and knows how to use it.

    There is only so much that can be done to make a cx500 unique,tasteful

    dependable and safe.

    So that leaves seating lighting accessories tank exhaust and finish.

    My aim is to use no store bought cookie cutter parts.

    If I could find the right headlight bucket it would set the tone of the build.

    I've got 6 headlights 10 tail lights but none seem right.

    I saw something at an antique store but I think they are gone.

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    purpule i know what you mean i am doing a old school bobber build and want a headlight from a 1927 lassale and cant find one i can afford

    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

    email me at murray at murrayscarbs.com

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    I bought a headlight last weekend from some small 60s Suzuki which has a shape that echos the standard/deluxe tank shape.

    You've gotta grab these things when you see them.

    I only use aftermarket stuff sometimes for expedience.
    Rebuilding Handlebar Switches


    Rider 81 500C, Thingy Born a 78Z. Ozdeluxe born an 80 shadow.

    GET A MULTIMETER RTFM I am a CX500. If you maintain me I will run forever.


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    I feel for ya........I passed on some lighting from an old

    firetruck or ambulance from the twenties thought price a little steep

    and passed......well you know the feeling.

    That is a HUGE headlight !

    And limited production so not likely to get a nice one cheap .

    Seems Caddies and Buicks were similar and more plentiful.

    But a good ones are getting rare.

    At least you know what you want,

    when I see what I want I will be love at first sight.

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    Tail light maybe

    Well I found what might be the tail light.Name:  001.jpg
Views: 316
Size:  55.9 KB

    I believe this was an acetylene light.

    I think its about 4 in already have a similar 1 from miners helmet .

    Still no headlight.......... some old Airplane from a 1940-50s Airplane stuff in the shed.

    Now I need to dig it out .
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