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Thread: Cx-500 From scrapyard

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    Hey here again!

    So about those files.
    Name:  IMGP1154 kopio.JPG
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    I did this quick uv penetrating fluid inspection to the swing arm, the uv images are really poor quality, there is nothing i can do about this, its the camera not the user! marked the sports i was a bit curious this is in normal light

    Name:  IMGP1158 kopio.JPG
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    Name:  IMGP1159 kopio.JPG
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    This is what the penetration fluid looks like under uv light. ( before the actual inspection )

    Name:  IMGP1168 kopio.JPG
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    Name:  IMGP1172 kopio.JPG
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    This is picture of the seam, on the underside of swing, i was curious if the exes welding in this area could have induced cracks, but on quick glance everything was ok. ( I did not bother to clean the fluid to extreme since this is not a job site and these are used for my own inspections only and i can see already from this level of cleaning everything i need to )

    Name:  IMGP1188 kopio.JPG
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    In all and all factory welds seems to be pretty solid for 80s machine. Surprising in a pleasant way.

    Thanks and see you guys next week!


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    I startted to chop the frame and started to design the support frame for the rear suspension system. All modifications to the rear swing are halted for the duration of the plans.
    Main frame and the "rear cage " has been cut of from the main body, This is done to free space and ease the fitment and design of the rear shock mounts. I will use 3D design software to design the pieces. this might take some time.

    There was a lot of rust inside the frame pipes, obviously from the neglect.
    Name:  IMGP1230 kopio.JPG
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    Spores and the overall parts on the side, and center stand are in awful condition. These pieces will not be used on this motorcycle. If You are interested i can sandblast these and send them to you via DHL or UPS If you people are interested in these Pm.

    Name:  IMGP1233 kopio.JPG
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Size:  840.3 KBName:  IMGP1236 kopio.JPG
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Size:  839.8 KBName:  IMGP1237 kopio.JPG
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Size:  985.5 KBName:  IMGP1238 kopio.JPG
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    This is the condition of the rear rim interior. There is not much cheering to do at this point. Rim has not seen any maintenance in who knows for how long.

    Name:  IMGP1240 kopio.JPG
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    This is the recycling bin if you want the front fork for restoration. Pm.

    Name:  IMGP1241 kopio.JPG
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    The frame looks, to be honest it looks pathetic as it sits. I'm hoping to start modifications to it soon.

    Name:  IMGP1242 kopio.JPG
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Size:  1.11 MB

    Thanks for reading
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