BMW Headlight swap BMW??? + can I clean up any of these electrics
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    So basically I hate the gauges and the wires flying around so i am looking to tidy up. My friend works at a BMW Bike shop and lent me the bucket to test fit. I am wondering the following...

    1. There are a lot of electrics in the headlight bucket what can I lose/redo?

    2. How i i get a signal so I can use the ural guages

    I have the older BMW version but fairly similar to this

    and here is the gauge


    Thanks for any ad all suggestions
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    I would think it would fit. OI believe our standard light has a 7" diameter. You may have to get a new set of headlight ears, but it should work. As far as losing/redoing some stuff...I think you should/need to keep it all. I'm currently rearranging my set up and wanted to do the same thing you want to. After some research I decided that I'm just going to change my tube-style fuses to blade fuses and relocate them. I'm also going to cut any excess wire to get rid of some of the spaghetti in the bucket.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
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    I've been thinking about the same thing.

    It can definitely be done. If you look at Dave Mucci's build, he took out all of the instruments and only has an aftermarket

    headlight and aftermarket brackets. I don't even think there's a speedometer. He did a really nice job and it cleans the bike up a lot.
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    the headlight shouldn't be an issue, just would have to make a mount for it. The speedometer is hit or miss. It needs to have the same ratio as the stock 2240=60mph.

    as for wiring, it is just a matter of finding out what colors do what on the new part and what color wires do what

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