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    Quote Originally Posted by exploring/carolina View Post
    After reading this thread, checked the K&N RC2340 Pod Filters I have for my CX500D stock carbs. Had to go back to the K&N site to get filter specs to be sure which Pod filter I had. This 54MM K&N filter does not have the internal shoulder to cause issues with air flow. Will be able to test once bike is back together. I am using flat side panels, so don't know how this filter fits with OEM side panels.


    Had to cock the filter out about 1/16" to clear the choke cable connection. Pointing a phillips head screwdriver at the choke cable connection where the filter
    is cocked out slightly to have enough clearance for the choke to operate properly. The filter still seals fine, too.

    Been testing the CX with these pod filters and it runs fine without issues.

    Flat panel cut out for pod:

    DId you have to rejet after installing these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by th3blackprism View Post
    DId you have to rejet after installing these?
    Installed K&N filters along with Mac 2 into 1 exhaust system, 90/120 jets are installed and the bike is running great with good spark plug color.
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    what do you do with the return hoses ?( i got a cx500c)

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    Excellent info. I havnt gotten to the starting up stage of my rebuild yet, but i noticed these ports when making some bell mouth filters a while back and made sure to cut notches in them to avoid blocking these ports. thanks for confirming that it was a good idea guys!

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    My CX runs great with K&N air filters with 90/120 jets & 2 into 1 exhaust system. Have to admit, Murray's Mikinui Carb kit runs stronger, but I'm OK with the performance of the original carburetor.

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    Would this be the same filters others are using just a newer part number? https://www.mikesxs.net/yamaha-xs650...ter-2-1-8.html

    So from what I have researched If I want to change to just pods and remove my air box with stock carbs I need to re-jet my carbs. 90/120 anyone have a link to buy just these jets without buying a whole dealers kit?
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    i stopped using the mike xs ones with my carb kits as the screen will rust as does the clamps

    i now have my own made that are lifetime washable one like the k&ns pm me if you want more info

    or you can get some from Cool parts that make your bike all tingly! bobber, chopper, cafe racer, scrambler, brat motorcycle, motorcycle parts, diy motorcycle supplier, custom motorcycles, motorcycle parts dealer, motorcycle gear, riding accessories, lifestyle gear, hipster r

    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

    email me at murray at murrayscarbs.com

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    Cool Murray, did not know that. I'm running MikesXS filters now, but my bike is always garaged, so I haven't gotten any rust yet. I will keep your filters in mind if I ever decide I'm sick of the "XS" logos on them...

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