Electronic tachometer????
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Thread: Electronic tachometer????

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    Electronic tachometer????

    Evening gents

    Not far from being finished now. since I bought my bike the tachometer has never worked. Turns out the cam gear is worn out. So do any of you clever bods know:-
    A. Can you swap cams or due to differing amounts of wear it's not possible. Or
    B. Is there any kind of aftermarket tachometer that could work some other way???? I would like to get the original working as I'm restoring the bike but have hit a snag on this.

    Thanks muchly in anticipation.


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    There are plenty of options out there for electronic tachs, so do a search. One of the more common and reliable units is a combo unit called DanMoto 180. It takes care of the speed and other functions as well.
    Re the replacement of the tach cam gear, I've not seen anything on that, that i can recall. Some others may come by with ideas.
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    +1 for the Danmoto 180. Uses a hall effect sensor to pickup speed. and looks really tidy.

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    I've swapped cams a couple of times. It's best to replace the front camshaft support with the cam as it is the bearing but as the rear bearing is part of the block you have to accept what you have at the rear.
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    Hello guys,
    what is your opinion on this:
    13000 RPM Motorcycle Red+Blue LED Tachometer Speedometer Gauge Universal Sale - Banggood.com

    Do you think it will work properly? I still do not understand how it can be "universal", regardless of number of cylinders.

    I asked if the input yellow wire is connected with low-voltage input or high-voltage output from coil...

    If the low-voltage input is correct one, then I assume it can be connected base on the scheme https://www.motonakup.cz/moto-otackomer-8000-rpm (colours are different):

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