side panel grommets bodge/workaround whatever
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Thread: side panel grommets bodge/workaround whatever

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    side panel grommets bodge/workaround whatever

    Whilst removing the side panels on the old thing I was reminded the few remaining grommets were hard and knackered
    and some remnants held in with hot glue.

    The only fully intact one was hard and cracking so just for the hell of it I decided to have a go at making some new ones
    from silicone.
    Well silicone with baking powder and carbon black to be precise
    Baking power to accelerate the cure and carbon black for well... blackness.

    Perhaps they are still available from say CMSNL, but I fancied having a go at some DIY ones anyway

    Taking measurements from the last intact one, I milled out some 10mm cast acrylic I had knocking about
    as a mould

    ( TIP: Cast acrylic chips out nicely in the mill, extruded acrylic is a friggin nightmare as it melts easily and can clog the bit)

    I decided to make the lower part of the mould out of a lump of pine and
    two short peices of 10mm tube to help keep it registered
    I couldn't be arsed to mill the pins to a taper so stepped them and later rounded them off with

    I used linseed oil on the wood cos I had some anyway and thought it might act as a mould release

    Right, time to give it a go.
    I donned the old marigolds and mixed up the jollop and squeegee'd it in to the mould
    It went off in about an hour, ( more baking powder quicker curing BTW)

    They didnt stick to the perspex much or the wood at all and were relatively easy to remove

    the pics flatter, they're from test 1
    I didn't get in all the underneath corners so it was a partial success
    next I tried filling the low section first then fitting it to the jig but found this tended to lift the
    silcione as it was pressed down and cause voids


    later I used just the acrylic part and filled it with silcone then used a pencil dipped in linseed oil
    to cut the tapered hole
    This caused a slight swelling on top due to the displaced silcone but that didn't bother me
    as the upper and lower 'lips' were perfectly formed.

    I'd stopped taking pic by now but machined out the perspex so the lower lip was fatter and wider
    and the upper one was wider as well
    Silicone is softer than rubber and if too thin would push up out of the side panel too easily
    fattening them up a bit solved this

    Anyway I now have a complete set of side panel wubbers

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