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    Did we confirm if the hose in the photo above is manufactured that way? Or if it was an internal failure and deformed?

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    I cut down a hose yesterday from a recent "junk" motor. The motor was low mileage and I am assuming the hose was too. I first looked to see about a restriction. Both hose ends were open fine to fit over the supply tubes, but the hose was almost crimped in the middle to restrict it down. It started about 1/4" and continued for about 1/2". It was identical to the one Pim pulled apart. It was not distorted, it is has a definite ridge formed where the line was crimped at a factory at some point. As I said in an earlier post, I am confident that an engineer at Honda or IHI decided they had to restrict the supply flow to the turbo.
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    My hose is currently leaking. Since I have the engine out and am going through it, I will replace this hose with aftermarket stock. I plan on cutting open the existing hose and measuring the restriction by carefully creeping up on it in sectioned cuts. Once I have confirmed the approximate size, I will make a restriction using a cup plug and drilling it out and placing it inside the new line. Running unrestricted is usually not a good idea as the bearing is flooded to a point where oil consumption begins and white smoke out the exhaust under boost becomes an issue. Seems like this issue would have been well documented by now. Guess these bikes still have a few mysteries
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