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    Fitment problems of new sensors. Below is a picture of a old sensor (GOOD ONE) in the mounting plate. The new sensors that do not fit have two areas where fitment is an issue as shown in the diagream below

    Below is a new sensor in the bracket. As you can see, there is no chamfer. The edge is square so it does not fit.

    Looking at the front of the new sensor, you can see that it is wider and does not fit in between the spaces in the bracket.

    so how much wider is it? The pictures below show the answer. The new sensor is 16.69mm while the old sensor is 14.76mm

    There is also a difference in height. The new sensor is 20.06mm while the old sensor is 19.63mm, althought I think this is less critical

    In order to address this issue, I found a different attachment to my dremel tool, one that was more coarse. This easily removed excess material. I was using way to fine of a grit before.

    With the above, I was able to put a chamfer on the edge and then remove material on the other edges so it fits between the brackets. I think this is going to work and I will have to report back when I get everything cleaned up.

    I purchased thes sensors on line (EBAY) for under $14
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    It seems the green ones aren't LX579. There are many more in this shape but have different numbers and resistance. Also slightly different shapes.
    I think your supplier send you two wrong ones. Should tell him that and replaced them for the right ones.
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