In search for Exhaust End Caps
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    In search for Exhaust End Caps

    I was very fortunate to meet up with johnste1960 who was exstremely helpful in selling me a spare turbo unit he had. I'm now looking for end caps for exhausts I purchased out of England.

    I'm hoping that someone might have a end cap or old exhaust (fitted with one) sitting in the back of the shed that they might want to part with?

    I'm located in Sydney Australia and happy to pay for all postage and associated costs

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi im new here today ive recently become the owner of a cx500tc and im looking for a cone section from an old turbomuffler mine was holy! too far gone i wad wondering did you have any luck

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    Welcome aboard Warrenwocke, you should go to the Forum settings link below and fill out your profile so we always know what's what.
    You should find all the help you need here, the Turbo guys here know there stuff. The WIKI link below is also helpful for many items.
    I hope to have the full FSM uploaded to the WIKI soon, but in the mean time, if you'd like a copy of the true factory service manual, parts manual, and tech manual for the CFI, shoot me a PM with your email and I can get it to you.

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    Forum Settings that everyone should make

    Photo and Video posting Tips

    The WIKI link for all the good tech stuff. including free FSM's
    with addendums

    Larry's most excellent CX/GL Carb book link

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    Turbo Dan used to sell them in machined aluminum, anodized in various colors. I think Wisconsin Dave bought some of Turbo Dan's stock when Dan liquidated years ago. Probably doesn't have any turbo muffler cones anymore, but that's one bit of info.
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    you might try looking at the end caps that BMW puts on their bikes. If you could find one that was close to the original, you might be able to have it machined to the original specs. Or just do something different with the tips
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