Standard to turbo conversion
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    standard to turbo conversion

    CX500 turbo swap

    Still admiring his work on this. For a ride in-town this will be fun, but once you get over 110, things will get scary.
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    This is kinda interesting. I had always thought if I ever had a CX500 Turbo with completely trashed bodywork, I'd like to try to modify it into a standard bike. I had thought of using a VF1100S Sabre gas tank, or somehow sourcing a CX500E gas tank, and then going with a mini fairing from a CB700SC, and then see how much of the exposed plumbing I can clean up. I never thought to start with a naturally aspirated CX500 and then make it into a Turbo. That makes me think even harder... now I'm wondering how hard it would be to shove a 500T motor into a fully-faired GL500 Interstate -- or modify the Turbo subframe to fit the 500 seats and luggage mounts at the very least. Not sure if it'd be possible to use the GL500 fairing on the turbo... the gears are turning now...

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