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Thread: Body work questions.

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    I think I might have to use two different solutions for my issues as I think the side cover is plastic, the front fairing where most of the damage is though I am pretty sure is fiberglass. I have used some of the repair putty products in the past on other products and think that will likely be the way I go for fixing the plastic side cover. I should be able to build up a more solid handle there to prevent future brakes that way

    For the front I still think I am leaning towards getting a kit for patching fiberglass. That should allow me to fill in the holes as well as reinforce some of the cracking.
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    A bit of clarification: Plastic is a very general term and includes a lot of different materials (including Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic like your fairing). The repair method & material depends on the type of plastic and the type of damage.

    In the case of your FRP fairing, long strand fibreglass reinfirced body filler might also work but a fibreglass repair kit would be the best. In either case, make sure you sand down to bare plastic before applying the patch so that it will bond properly.

    If the side cover is a different material you need to figure out what it is in order to determine the best way to repair it. Based on other Hondas I would suspect it is ABS. You can test by finding a bare spot on the back (where it won't show) and applying a few drops of acetone. If the acetone softens the plastic it is probably ABS and you can use the methods in my fairing repair thread (link in my previous post) to repair it - maybe start by applying some acetone to the crack so that capillary action draws the solvent into the crack and bonds it, then using slurry or bumper epoxy to fill the crack (remember: sand to bare first or it won't bond) and maybe glue another piece of ABS to the back for strength.
    If the acetone doesn't affect the plastic you need to do some research about what it is.

    Of course, you could take it to a place that does plastic welding too.
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