Not many CX500E's around?
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    Not many CX500E's around?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, seems like a great place to find inspiration and get advice!

    I thought I'd share my CX500E which I bought in January.

    Havn't started any work on it yet, other than changing the bars to Renthals. Hoping to re-paint the tank, wrap the exhausts and replace the seat for a brat style in the short term. The wiring is also really messy!

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

    Loving the forums!
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    the answer to your question - not many CX500E's around - is that they only made around 7500 of them in total.
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    If you change all that stuff you might as well

    start with a GL.

    What makes a E unique in the "style"

    My .02,its ur bike so if you want it to

    be like all the other cx/gl cafe/bobbr/trendy/

    custom/yadayada go for it.
    SideCar Bob's settings.
    Main Wiki you can search by topic:
    Old rant
    'Eager" 1979 CX500C Maroon.
    Named for the way it runs/sounds @ 65 +

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    Thanks for the link, I havnt seen those figures before, shame the bike has lost alot of its original features already.

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