Removing 30+ Year Old Vinyle Stickers
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    Removing 30+ Year Old Vinyl Stickers

    Is there a way to remove the old vinyl trim on the gas tank without damaging the paint? I know a hair dryer will work on fairly new ones but the old ones seem like they are on there to stay.
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    Don't know if this will work for you but I've had decent results using WD-40. Spray the decal and let it set for a day, then spray some more as you're removing the decal, and let it set a bit before continuing.
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    The best way I've found is a heat gun. Won't work if they're painted over with clear coat though.
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    pm larry and ask him

    i think he told me he did it on one of the tanks he used in a restore

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    Try a citrus powered sticker remover and patience...

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    You will have to "play" with it a bit. WD-40 works great on "some" decals, but does nothing on others. Heat gun works almost all of the time, but you have to be careful. Test a corner and see if the heat makes the adhesive "sticky". If not then heat may not work either, if it does get sticky then its a take you time and peel process. If it has clear coat over it you will have to make sure the clear coat is "broken" all around the perimeter for WD-40 to get under it. Unfortunatly, some labels you will either have to "pick" off, or if your lucky you may find a solvent the wont attack the paint but will attack the label material. you have to be very careful with this.
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    I have had good luck removing old stickers from sled hoods by soaking a rag in your solvent of choice and just lay it on there for a day or two.
    The fumes will penetrate the decal and make for easier removal with heat applied.
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    After experimenting with different ways to accomplish removing the pinstripes on the various parts of my GL, I found the best method was a hair dryer. Heat guns are too hot and will melt the plastic parts. Simply apply heat to the end of the stripe & lift it with a sharp blade as the adhesive softens. Grab the end of the stripe (a pair of hemostats is handy for this) and gently pull as you continue to heat the adhesive. I found that this method removes the stripe as well as almost all of the adhesive. Other methods I tried removed the stripe, but left the majority of the adhesive. The adhesive is harder to remove than the decal. Ask me how I know this. lol.
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    Mineral spirits will usually remove the adhesive once the sticker is out of the way. If not, I'd try Lacquer thinner in an inconspicuous place.
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    If you take 30 yr. old stickers off of the paint. The paint under the stickers will be so much nicer than the rest of the tank, you are going to want to paint it anyway. You are halfway there, just paint it when you are finished.
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