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Thread: someone has done the unthinkable! CX500 TURBO

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    Won't last long with that gorilla on its back.
    Very clever though, must admit.
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    I like the way he appears to have fitted the radiator behindthe engine - where the airbox and battery usually fits. I also saw the oil cooler under the clutch. A turbo creates a lot of heat which gets removed by heating the oil circulating through the bearing housing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoom View Post
    In the video there's a smaller rad below the turbo.
    I'm doubtful for the 200hp mark, but +1 points for ingenuity and I hope this thing proves all of wrong and turns into a powerful long-lasting beast!
    Cool. Thanks Adoom. I checked the video.Shaw the radiator. OK then, the lenght and angle of the baffle needs re thinking.

    And Mr Anderson should check the cam chain very regularly to do the quadruple bypasses every so often, LOL.
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    Me thinks we have a Darwin Award contestant.
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    Presumably a drag bike, engine rebuilt after every pass.

    Click the link to go to the Wiki

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    A top fuel motor on nitromethane puts out 8000 hp from 500 cubic inches, so that is 16 hp per cubic inch. This motor is claiming 200 hp from 500cc or 30 inches. That works out to 6.6 hp per cubic inch, so the claimed power is possible. With that in mind, I want to see the video of this thing on the dyno - there is probably going to be a big bang! There are just too many weak areas in a stock motor to make this believable at this point. Both JimL and Turbo Tim have ruined a lot of parts just trying to get to this level of power. At that pressure level you blow head gaskets, kill bearings, put rods through the block, blow holes in pistons....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knute View Post
    Me thinks we have a Darwin Award contestant.
    Knute, where do you get your stuff, lol...
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    it's hard to tell how reliable the engine is or will be, couse we have no info about if he has done any major internal upgrades.. so there are two possibilities - either he is just doing it for fun or he is in a pursuit to build a proper "dragster".
    so who knows, maybe he knows what he is up to, and wont let his hands down on the first fails he will encounter, but will think up new ways to build this engine withstand any challenges it meets.
    i think it's an interesting build and hands down for his dare. even if he fails it's still cool to see someone do such challenging stuff.

    gonna follow his build and see if he posts some new updates, hopefully a dyno could be next..
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    I wish he was a forum member so he could update us on the progress.
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    gonna try and contact him somehow and lure him into this forum he he he
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