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    Seat styles

    Hi .
    Is there a specific shop etc that a range of different seat options are avaliable from .
    I'm looking to get ideas of a seat that uses the std rear frame maybe just a shortened version rather than a full frame chop
    Many thanks

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    I haven't seen any particular shop or site that covers a range of styles myself. I've seen a few posts about a Vietnam seat (cover?), but most here just seem to do their own based on others. And I suppose that is what you need to look at. The Customize/Mod section will have many ideas for you to ponder.
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    I haven't seen many that do stock. I just ordered a seat from Texavina (based in Texas, made in Vietnam). I'll be removing the larger bracket mount for the stock seat and welding in the crossbrace with mount points for this.

    There are a few on eBay that I think use the stock, though.
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    Thanks for your reply gents .
    I have thought about using the stock seat pan and removing the foam and maybe working something different on it .
    I don't mind shortening the rear end but trying to avoid any welding as such as that's 1 thing I can't do

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