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Thread: whats the worst/most outrageous thing thats happened to you while riding??

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    I had a pickup start to change lanes right next to me on a city street (4 lanes).
    I hit the horn with no response from him as he just kept coming.
    He quickly moved back over when I kicked a large dent into his driver side door with my steel toed boot.
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    I was following a cattle truck to the slaughter house and the cow pissed out the back of the truck all over me, about five gallons. Can you all beat that??
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    Nope ..

    Anybody been hit by Lightning ?
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    I have a Tesla coil and got shocked by it=correction-300k volts, does that count? Probably not but it is invigorating,,, lights up florescent tubes 3-4 feet away, thats how i got nailed, got too close and the sparks traveled on the surface dust on the tube= WOW! Got it off clist in Cal yrs back, not sure why= ET phone home? Did follow a hog truck in Nebraska that was spewing shit out at every turn in front of me= so disgusting! Only got a bit of splash on me and bike from riding through, too much anyway. As bad as driving a Honey-wagon in the fields with a tail wind,,,,
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    Not bike related {though dad was bike mad} when my parents were courting they went to the Adelaide zoo.

    There they had a wagon pulled by an elephant.

    My parents went on it, sitting right up the front. The elephant took a pee all over dad. He couldn't get out of the way until the people either side of him bailed. Mum, of course, was one of them. The people either side of dad got splattered but dad took the direct flow.
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    Always bring a splash shield if you're going to sit in the front row.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Stangle View Post
    I was following a cattle truck to the slaughter house and the cow pissed out the back of the truck all over me, about five gallons. Can you all beat that??
    I nad my ex wife parked up in the middle of nowhere in the Scottish Highlands, locked the helmets to the front wheel, when we came back a dog had pissed inside them...
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    When I was serving at Oktoberfest last fall, I had beer soak into my helmet that I had stashed under the bar. Washing out the pads and spraying Fabreeze can do only so much. I was wretching on the smell of stale beer for weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikamper View Post
    No real issues on the motorcycle other than a few clueless cagers, they just got the middle finger.

    I did get hit from behind on my bicycle once, though. Never want to go through that again.
    Was he hot?
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    In 1980 I was 22 years old on a Suzuki 550 ET bike and in full leather pulled into a overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway . There was a family at the overlook at a picnic table ,the dad grabbed the kids and wife and they jumped in the car and spun the tires leaving , I looked around for what danger they fled leaving everything on the table and realized it was me.A very good chicken dinner left behind and I never did see them again.I did not touch it and continued south the same way they went.Today at every overlook I stop at people will come and talk to me , where are you from, what is that bike?
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