1982 GL500 Silverwing Interstate Front Brakes
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    1982 GL500 Silverwing Interstate Front Brakes

    The front brakes on my Silverwing feel like they are wooden. Major squeeze on the front lever with really poor braking performance. I suspect the original reinforced rubber brake lines are probably expanding and the pads are just ho-hum. So, I'm looking for suggestions and sources for some quality steel braided lines (if available) or OEM lines and some decent pads (that won't ruin the stock rotors). Appreciate any and all suggestions!

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    there was a thread about these shoes being

    good performers and a full set for GL500I

    as far as brake lines go I personally don't

    find much difference from seller to seller

    maker to maker etc.

    have never had 1 fail so far from my humble

    opinion if it fits get them.

    There are those with brand loyalty so may have

    a testimonial soon.

    Sometimes local custom hoses are most convienient

    if there is a problem you can walk in and see a real

    person and support a local biz.

    still call them(pads) shoes, my age is showing

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    I have used this company for braided brake lines on 3 of my bikes.
    Excellent quality and good prices, E-mail them with your make/model of bike for pricing
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    I found a local supplier to make my lines. took the old hoses in 30 mins in and out.
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    I still think JDA lines are among the best. Whomever you go with, ask if the lines are DOT Approved. Ask if they are patterned after the originals as far as ID, solid, none twisting heads, and whether or not they are matched for angles at both ends. Also if they are Teflon inner hoses and if the stainless wires are coated so the cannot be hooked and pulled apart. Remember, some insurance companies won't pay if you have problems with none DOT parts. Do you want to chance that???
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    If your brakes grip and release as in not dragging - you may find new pads fix the issue. One of my early GL500s had brakes that just would not grip - the pads looked great so I rebuilt the master, caliper, and added new brake lines. Still the brakes where not very good - again the pads looked great but I replaced them at this point ...... and had great brake power at this point. (felt like power brakes now)

    I retrospect I would guess the pads had been soaked with brake fluid or fork oil before I bought the bike but had been cleaned and dried also - whatever the cause it was the pads that made the brakes excellent in the end. (That is if everything else is working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purplecx500 View Post

    still call them(pads) shoes
    I don't have as much time as some folks on here, but I always thought it was simply rotors have pads, drums have shoes. Have we had a terminology shift?
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    That's what I thought too.

    As for what part of the system is causing the problem, if you don't have proof of when the master & caliper were rebuilt with new parts (old rubber that looks perfect is still old and it may not work the way new does), when the pads were replaced and especially when the brake line was changed (rubber lines are good for 2-3 fluid changes - that's 5-6 years maximum) your plan to do all of that stuff now is spot on. It just doesn't make sense to take chances with your brakes.

    I get my pads from Kapscomoto.com The same ones fit both so I keep a couple of pairs on hand. Search for Pad69. They sell single pairs but you save about 30% if you pick a dual caliper model and buy 2 sets at once (they come as 2 pairs on separate cards). BTW: The same pads probably fit your Nighthawk too.
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