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Thread: Gl500 mirrors

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    Gl500 mirrors

    Hey the mirror on my Silverwing are original I believe and just flop around on every bump.

    Im curious any way to tighten them up?

    If not has any one attached inner fairing mirrors instead? Something like this picture?
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    I have posted this info before if you search under Interstate mirrors, but here is what I do...

    Having owned several GL500s and several GL1100s I think I have some experience with the loose Honda original and weak EMGO aftermarket mirrors.

    Yes, the mirrors can be tightened after you remove them from the fairing. To remove the mirrors remove the two phillips head screws that hold them to the fairing. The philips head screws thread into the "D" shaped nuts just on the inside of the fairing. If you have factory speakers these "D" nuts are hidden and you would have to pull the speakers off to see them. Of course, to get the speakers off you would have to remove the turn signals to get to the speaker nuts. Sometimes you can get the mirrors off without pulling the speakers, but getting the mirrors back on without being able to see and hold the "D" nuts is tough.

    Once the mirror is off, as you can tighten the machine screw/bolt to further compress the spring in the bottom main joint and the mirror will stiffen up, but don't tighten too much or the mirror will be too stiff or, worse yet, you might start to strip the threads in the pot metal of the mirror stem.

    Even with Loctite applied I always had the problem with the screw eventually coming loose again (the roads are rough here in WI), and after several adjustments the threads would start to strip out of the mirror stem. I had to come up with a good fix.

    Have you seen older Honda fairings where someone has simply drilled the outside of the mirror stem/joint and inserted sheetmetal screws to try to hold the mirror? YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THAT! I came up with what I think is a pretty good alternative fix that I have posted versions of on other sites as well. Has anybody else done this fix?

    Remove the mirror and its plastic gasket from the fairing.

    Remove the screw and spring from the back side of the mirror assembly.

    Are the threads in the mirror stem stripped out?

    If the threads in the mirror have not fully stripped out, then purchase a metric machine screw of the same diameter and pitch as the original screw but several inches long. Also purchase a locknut. Look for a locknut with a low profile if you can. I like the all-metal locknuts for this job, but an elastic insert locknut is ok.

    If the threads in the mirror have stripped, then purchase the next size up diameter of machine screw (US imperial size ok) several inches long, and also purchase the locknut to fit it.

    If the threads have stripped out, then drill/tap the mirror to accept the new machine screw that you purchased. I found that if I had purchased the next up imperial size from the metric original that I actually did not have to drill the hole before tapping it. I just ran the imperial tap in it and it was ready to go.

    Even if you did or did not tap the threaded hole in the mirror stem, clean the hole with electronics spray or other oil/grease remover, the hole must be clean and dry.

    Take the machine screw you are going to use and coat the ends of its threads with a metal bonding epoxy. Don't coat the whole screw, just the first 1/4' or so on the end. For this job I really like JB Weld. Run the machine screw into the mirror stem and let the JB Weld cure overnight.

    After the JB Weld is fully cured, take a hacksaw or Dremel with a cut-off wheel and cut just the head of the machine screw off. Now, instead of a weak screw in pot-metal type connection, you will have a much stronger stud that is bonded into the mirror stem.

    Place the original spring and your new locknut onto the stud, and tighten the locknut to achieve a nice firm tension on the mirror.

    Use your hacksaw or Dremel tool to cut the remainder of the stud off flush or very close to flush with the locknut.

    Hand fit the gasket onto the mirror and the mirror onto the fairing. If the new stud/locknut you installed sticks out a little further than the original screw assembly, then you might have to cut out the center of the gasket. I usually had to cut out the center of the gasket.

    Re-install the mirror and you are done.

    For the cost of a small machine screw, a locknut, some JB Weld, and maybe a tap if you need it, you will have a mirror that is EXACTLY original in outward appearance and in adjustability - but it will NOT droop, it will be MUCH stronger than the original, and it will NEVER come loose again.
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    I would double check the screws you are talking about. JIS screw head look a lot like Phillips, but are not the same. JIS screw etc. are used most on the bike, if not entirely (for screws and the like).
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