New member, just saying hello...
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    New member, just saying hello...

    Hey guys, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself... just picked up a '83 GL650 with 30k on the clock. I've always LOVED the look of the 80* V-twin motor but was afraid the 500 would be a little underpowered for me, 6'3" 220lbs so I've been looking for a 650 with hope the bump in power would help some. Haven't had much seat time with her yet as she's only been mine a few hours. In its current form it's a small frame/bike for my size. I'm not crazy about the seating position but the whole plan/idea behind the purchase was to turn her into a cafe racer so that would change and hopefully for the better.

    I suppose I should have sat on one first before I pulled the trigger. I suppose I'm more used to my past modern sport bikes and my current '74 CB750K. The one thing I suppose I should have realized and researched sooner was the frame is totally different from the CX model . I love the look of the sigle back bone versus the split frame on the GL series. I recently found this forum and hope to be active and learn all I can with everyone's help! I'm sure the first few weeks I'll have a lot of questions and look forward to all the knowledge and experience the forum has to offer! Here are a few pics... Joe
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    Welcome to the forum, nice looking bike, you may want to ride it before you start changing stuff, i have a 35 inch inseam and only added highway pegs to make it really comfortable for long rides. Oh yeah you have an inch on me im 6ft 1in . Suffered a broken ladder in my 20 ties which compressed my lower back alot. Well enjoy Gerard
    nice cb as well.
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    Welcome from Cleveland, OH!
    1974 CB360 (sold)
    1979 CX500 Deluxe (sold)
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    Link to our WIKI (great tech info on the CX/GL)

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    A lousy seat ruins the whole bike.

    GL seats lock ur backside into

    a generally undesirable position.

    I trim the foam to make it flatter

    by cutting high parts off with a

    big ol bread knife.

    If u want something softer

    cut it way back and cover with

    a softer top layer.

    I've always made my own custom

    seats so have no idea how the

    expensive Imports feel.

    Find a local upholstery shop that stands

    behind their work.

    Its better for your community, if there is a problem

    you deal with somebody you know not somebody

    that responds "Very apology shipping back get

    some when arrival" Love Suzy
    SideCar Bob's settings.
    Main Wiki you can search by topic:
    Old rant
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    Named for the way it runs/sounds @ 65 +

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