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    New member Northern Illinois Area

    Hello everyone,
    New member here. Looking forward to spending time here learning and reaching out in the CX world to see the ins, outs, events, pics, and more. Currently have a 1981 CX500 that rebuilt into a Cafe Bike. Bought in SD. Came out of motorcycle industry in Texas 79-86. Raced and wrenched MX during that time. Saw these Cafe bikes a while ago, then the CX, and fell in love. In the process of rebuying tools needed to get dirty, make things happen, and have fun. Looking forward to riding again, and seeing others with the same ideas. Glad Im a member. Take care. Ill post some pics as soon as I figure more of this site out.

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    Hey, straight up from you on the north end of Kane County. I ride my CX when I tire of the rattle and clatter of my Ural or need to be somewhere quickly.
    2007 Ural Gear Up
    1979 CX 500, a bit rough around the edges. On the road again.
    1977 Velosolex 4600 V3
    1973 Velosolex 3800

    Past rides in descending order.

    2007 Hi-bird dual sport
    1977 Honda CB750 (expensive freebie)
    1982 Honda Spree
    1971 Honda CB500
    1967 Honda S90
    196(?) Ducati Falcon 50
    Galvanized pipe mini bike


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    Welcome to THE premier forum (among several great ones) for these machines. You will find everything you need to maintain, tinker with, and enjoy your new ride. The CX powerplant is one of the most robust engines ever designed. As you will see, many different folks do many different things with them. Everything from pure showroom ground up restorations (Think Mercum auction block by Larry aka LRCXed) to racing the wind in the "sands" of salt lake beds setting speed records (Think JimL)

    Take some time and review my links below, fill out your signature line with the bike details, and get a free download for the FSM.
    G-Loria's Story including Part III > I miss her dearly, but she is in good hands. Part III included at the end of the link.

    Forum Settings that everyone should make

    Photo and Video posting Tips

    The WIKI link for all the good tech stuff. including free FSM's
    with addendums

    Larry's most excellent CX/GL Carb book link

    Please go into the Tapatalk app's settings and turn off the "auto signature" feature. Thank You.

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