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    Did a road trip through Yukon and came back down through Alaska and back over to BC through Haines Junction..... in an 86 Dodge Getaway. Saw lots of rvs, trucks, trailers, cyclists and plenty of touring bikes. Many many kilometers of gravel road and ounce you hit Alaska around Chicken its all mud "roads" which is where i got my first flat tire!! The factory jack aint worth shit, would have better luck hitting the van with a dead tree branch till the tire inflates!! Awesome trip , beautiful part of the world.. would wait till you hit Canada till you get that tire fixed, spent about an hour back and forth talking to a pair of legs under a truck till i finally realised i would not be getting my puncture repaired anytime that day... great trip... lots of fantastic memories.. got my dog in Dawson City , best part of the trip!!
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    Oh yeah! you wont just need extra gas( found out the hard way), bring bear spray!!!!!! Really .....
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    Excellent....I have ridden fro the toronto area to Inuvik twice now and also across the labrador Highway and through NFLD and back, then up to Raddison then to Long Point....just to say I've ridden to all edges so to speak of this fine land of ours. I will return to Inuvik when they finish the Dempster Highway in a year or two so I can ride to the Arctic Ocean.......that should stroke off the bucket list item to find new locations to ride to....Sorry all done on a Kawasaki long distance adventure machine. So I guess it doesn't
    Dream big and do your rides while you can.....
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    Adventuresome devil, aren't you! I think Don/AU holds a record that will be hard to beat though; he's ridden motorcycles within both the arctic and antartic circles! We heard first person tales of those trips at an Amish Rally a few years ago. Neither was on a twisted twin though. Gene/TN was his co-conspirator on the arctic trip. Those two old coots on a hack, they're probably still talking about it in Alaska. Combined age at the time of 140 plus as I recall. Both still twisting a throttle AFAIK. Guys (or gals) in our community who have cycled in/on Newfoundland would be a rather small group too, I'm guessing. You and Dave/WI I know of offhand. Not many admit to even having been to Radisson, a fur piece for a street/pavement bike from the States.
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