Passed the M1 today
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    Passed the M1 today

    So as the title states went to the dmv website last night. Scheduled an appointment and they had one for today (who knew the dmv in cali could be so fast) Passed the driving test! Wasn't hard at all on the GL. It was great. Im stoked
    81 Honda GL500
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    1979 CX500 Custom, Athens, Georgia
    Rebuilt Left Cylinder Head (2011)
    Rebuilt Starter (2011); Re-enameled tank (2011); Rebuilt Carbs (Larry method) (2012);
    Triple by-pass performed (2012);
    Upgrade to G8 stator and Ignitech (2012);
    Rebuilt oil pump and new oil chain (2012);
    Stripped and painted frame and wheels(can job) (2012);
    Re-greased/lubed rear drive and rear drive splines (2012);
    8 cell lithium Ballistic battery (2014); Upgrade to dual pot brakes with SS line (2014);
    New Shinko 230 tires (2014)
    New EBC clutch springs (2015); Rebuilt clutch cable assembly on clutch cover case (2015);
    New throttle, clutch, and choke cables (2015)

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    Link to our WIKI (great tech info on the CX/GL)

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    THATS WONDERFUL! Congratulations to you! =)
    1981 CX500C

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