@ Lucky

Oh no..... I saw you were still posting, but I don't need anybody getting any crazy ideas. When I logged back in before making this post I checked to see if you and a few others were still around. Well, the ones I'm not friends with on FB at least. I still see them posting so I know they're still around.

Tired of crazy, insecure females
Tired of crazy, immature, lying males
Tired of drama

It's me, my dogs, my bike and my car. I go to work, I come home, I'm learning how to do various projects that would be easy for most people but I've never had to do them so doing it for the first time is an accomplishment! (replacing the guts of a toilet, the brick molding above the garage door and having to get the angles right and cut with a hack saw). I am back in school to finish my degree, I have been at the prison almost 5 years, so I can no longer keep my head down and my mouth shut- I am being pressured to apply for a clinical supervisor's position and I think this time I'm gonna drink the kool-aid....

I know you're not there any more, but I have thought about you a few times because my parents regularly head out to Vegas- and my mom was looking at houses in Kingman, AZ. Almost wanted to log on just to ask you about the area....