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Thread: Freezing rain ahead

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    Heating the key with a blowtorch or lighter works every time. You might need to heat it a couple of times before it will turn but it will work.

    Lock de-icer (actually isopropyl alcohol) works every time. It has a much lower freezing point than the water in the ice so it mixes with the ice and washes it out, along with any other dirt &c that is in there. I recommend a puff of graphite power after it has had a chance to dry out.

    When Eccles had its original keyswitch I used to carry a lighter and a bottle of lock de-icer all winter. Since I replaced the keyswitch with one that has a working shutter I don't bother.

    Which brings me to the one reason you can't depend on blowing into the lock: If the shutter is present & working it is pretty hard to blow past it.

    Whenever people talk about iced car locks I remember something from many decades ago: There was a young couple at the church we went to, one of those "fairy tale" stories, they had both come to Canada from places that never got cold enough to have snow to get an education, met & fell in love at school and decided to stay in Canada. Fast forward a few years and they were doing well enough that they could afford a decent car for the first time, one that was worth bothering to lock the doors and actually taking to the car wash once in a while. We came out of an activity at the church one night and, you guessed it, they had taken it to the car wash on the coldest day of the year so all the locks were frozen. This was before cars came with remotes so they were truly locked out of it. Fortunately, one of the older men had the solution: We boiled the kettle and poured it over the driver's door.
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    Here's one guys method for the door window that froze on one side due to driving wind.
    By the way, our ice is all but gone. I discovered I was stupid, and left my moon roof tilted up in the back (not fully opened) and had icicles and blown snow inside the track....fortunately not much got inside the car.

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