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Thread: Honda Riding Assist.

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    I hate this sort of stuff. The South Australian state government wants to make our state the world hub for driverless car technology.

    These cars will communicate with each other to prevent accidents - making human drivers a wild card that further down the track they will want to get rid of because the driverless cars computers won't know what a human driver is about to do.

    I fear for the future of enjoying a drive or ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Did they hide some kind of heavy gyroscope in there somewhere?
    its one thing for the bike to move itself and stay upright, but i doubt it could make large enough corrections to compensate for a riders weight shifting. Notice how careful the tech is when he is on the bike to keep the center of gravity exactly over the wheel base. great concept, but just a pile of more stuff to go wrong with the bike, making it hard to be worked on without a ton of expensive equipment just like today's computer run cars. When it comes to bikes, I want to be the one in control, and when I feel its time to give that control to the bike I will get a 3 wheeler lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Did they hide some kind of heavy gyroscope in there somewhere?

    From what I've read, it uses a similar system as Asimo, their robot. It is very compact. The 6-axis sensors, Gyroscopes & Acceleration Sensors are all fit on a single board about the size of a voltage regulator.

    I don't see much use for the heeling feature, but for many riders the self balancing and lowering aspects of this prototype will keep them riding longer. Many riders with physical impairments will also be able to ditch their glorified 3 wheeled convertibles and ride a motorcycle again.
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    Good point about older riders, I'm in favor of anything that results in less of those can-am spiders on the road.
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    You can get a nice compact car cheaper than a Can-Am.
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    Hmmm.......bikes have been following me home for several sugar cube needed, but they do leave piles of saddle bags and cracked fairings behind ...and I know some of you have this issue more often than me : )
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    My UNI has the same technology. Here I am riding to the Amish before the snow flies.
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    I want to see an autonomous car follow me down Jacks Hollow Road in an ice storm. I had to crawl to the garage one morning to take the Mrs. to work. It was in a 5 speed 77 Accord. I thought the challenge was fun in a warped sort of way.
    I just don't think a programmer can write enough lines of code to equal the human brain and experience in all types of conditions. Programming an ABS system is one thing. Reading a curve for degree of bank, traction availability based on road surface and tire type/wear, and that deer jumping out in front of you does not compute. But you go ahead if you have to live in a big city area with mostly drugged drivers around you. Get that autopilot feature in your next vehicle. Let us know how it works out.
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