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Thread: It sucks getting old

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    Fuk my whiney crap= we can clone our petz,,,,, only prob iz the time we had with them iz past. So,,,,, live 4 the future= all i got friendz,,,,,

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    Best advice, have learned ,While Alive ,LIVE!!!
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    I read a book once .

    yes I can actually read and retain a portion

    of the text .

    "The Wisdom of Insecurity" published in

    1951 modern(at the time) Philosophy.

    the theme is as old as time just applied

    to life in 20th Century.

    There is no past,there is no future.

    There are memories of our own particular

    past. There are anticipation of a future

    that is as unique to each as our fingerprint.

    And there is Now.

    This is a para phrase so no Quotation marks.
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    SideCar Bob's great thread on settings.
    Main Wiki you can search by topic:
    Just an Old Rant not very Important:


    'Eager" 1979 CX500C Maroon.
    Name is derived from the sound of this engine at highway speeds.
    Like its eager to go.
    had a Horse that was "Eager"
    But didn't sound the same.
    So I called him "Duke"

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    Heres my gods, godessez and all powerful entities take on gettin' old,,,,,one only gets(feelz) old when one forgets to care for all the things= plants, animals, and spirits that keep one alive. Amen, Ommmmm, all things are one thing= peace bruthaz and sistazs!!!!!!!!

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    Everybody dies before they are ready for it so the best strategy for not wasting time worrying about it is to occupy your time with plenty of useful work and spend the rest of your time with people whose company you enjoy.
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    Don't be an idiot !

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    Mindful labor is the key to a sucessful life= if one can take care of friends and family by using the skills and talents learned in a reasonable and compassionate system of mutual support then all is well! I love to work for a better future for all- serious greed-head assholes discluded, sorrry but the weak game sux.

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