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Thread: Is anyone else excited about the new 2017 Rebel 500?

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    Saw one a Daytona Bike Week. Looked nice. Can't say much because Honda was not giving free rides.

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    Been looking for a 500 cc Harley to line up with my shadow.

    They're thin on the ground here and no one wants to play.
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    I think I will stay with my GL500I, old and now under repair,tachometer cable plus a 30 watt( it says 80 but they make many sizes) electric fan up grade mostly done.All Back in place,relay in the box behind the faring, thermostat control that's adjustable under the gas tank weatherproof with silicone.Name:  IMG_0707[1].JPG
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    cool ;but as stated cooler w/chik seat.

    for the price I'd take a used Bandit 1250

    and a short ride to E. coast.(in my dreams).
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    I think they look neat. It's the next step up from the Grom for new riders. What's not to love?

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    Honda imported an interesting bike in 2005-2006, the Big Ruckus. 250cc, water cooled, fuel injected. Mine with a couple of mods can just hit 80 mph when the belt is brand new. It will run all day 60-65 mph. Got to stay in control with those 12" wheels! It is a blast to zip around on.
    Honda could not sell them for the asking price back in their day. Today you can almost get the original price for a clean low milage model.
    Today's resurgence of the scooter market maybe Honda could bring it back. This is one bike you can buy, ride and resell at a profit. Just can't see spending a couple grand for a little POS 50 cc scooter when you can get something you can ride on the interstate as well as around town.

    I have a hydraulic lift on the back of my motor home for the Big Ruckus. It cracks me up when people take pictures. I always get thumbs up when riding. Folks are confused when such a little scoot beats them off the line at the red light and then pulls strong to 60mph. The only thing that is lacking is strong brakes. You must plan ahead! An old fart pulled out in front me yesterday. Looked right at me! Boy the front end took a dive with some wobble. Good thing he looked the other direction. If he would have realized how close I was he might have slammed on the brakes. I would have hit him. As it was it was just a close call.

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    as a CB500X owner I'll vouch for the motor. It's great. 60+ MPG. Stronger running than my GL500. Only a small band of vibes in the 5K region. I haven't heard of any 6 figure milers yet, but haven't heard of any kabooms either. If you like it, I can't imagine you'd go far wrong with one.

    I'm not much for the ergos or styling though... I'd personally stick with the F or X. But, as a coworker once said, "that's why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream."
    All I wanted was a Pepsi

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    Showing my age, FATBOY, but millenials don't buy their scooters for performance, they are fashion items, not motorcycles, daydreams of Vespas on the Riviera and streets of Rome, ciao baby.
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    I hear you thumper. The Big Ruckus kicks the snot out of the Grom. It is quick off the line and pulls real good for 250cc. Just have to get use to no shifts and the brakes are on the handle bar. Almost crashed the first ride as I was putting pressure on the running board instead of the handle bar brake lever.

    I am looking for something that can hit 80mph with bigger tires and weights less than 300 pounds. It is for the lift on the back of the motorhome.

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