The HD mystique- WTF?
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    The HD mystique- WTF?

    Today at the tire shop I met a bro with a crapped out old chevy picup gettin' used tires for his primary ride who had just purchased a $21k Harley Davidson. He is disabled and his Dad had a hawg so it was his dream. He had less than satisfactory service from the get-go, and I expect he will get the same after. Polaris, who produces a superior product and is customer friendly, is failing from recent reports. So,,,, does greed rule, tradition cancels engineering and innovation? Whatevs, the HD bikes I had were total POCs, fuk that greedy crap. Buy a CX or some other oldr bike and fix it, or go ELECTRIC!!!! No Livewires- HD on the showrooms,,,,
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    Thread is closed. It serves no purpose.
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