I had been looking at this bike, but the asking price is too high for me (partly because I'd have to have it shipped, and partly because I can't look it over myself-- I'm in Pennsylvania, and the bike is in Wisconsin). So I thought I'd spread the word on this website, in case anyone is looking for a bike like this. It sounds like it's in remarkably good shape; I believe the original listing on e-Bay referred to it as a "barn find".

The bike is at Tom's Cycle and Salvage, 14633 So. Maribel Rd., Maribel, WI, zip 54227. Phone is (920) 863-1699. And they have a website, which I forget at the moment (google search should get it).

The bike has only 9081 miles, and is apparently all original. There is supposedly a crack in the plastic inner rear fender (behind the sissy bar), but I couldn't see it in the photos on the original e-Bay listing last fall. It is black. It has a windshield installed. Tom (the owner of the dealership) said that he changed the oil and coolant, and cleaned out the carbs, and now it starts easily and runs strong.

Last fall the bike was listed twice, but failed to make reserve both times. I called them during the first listing; the reserve was (if I remember correctly) $1750, but they said they had a buyer in the state who had said that he would take it for $1500 if it didn't sell on e-Bay. It didn't make reserve, and I guess the other buyer watered out, because they listed it again, and again it failed to make reserve. Now they tell me it's on the lot "on special" for $1995, and their rock-bottom price for it would be $1800. I think that's high, even if I wouldn't have to then ship it. But perhaps one of you other fans of these bikes can pick it up.

Happy hunting. And safe riding.