Late Summer 2016 Ignitech Group Buy.
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Thread: Late Summer 2016 Ignitech Group Buy.

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    Late Summer 2016 Ignitech Group Buy.

    UPDATE 09/20/16

    Looks like they're all spoken for in this buy at the moment.
    I am still waiting for a couple of people to get back to me.
    I will be sending a PM to those of you who didn't make it this time.

    There is just no real way to judge these buys, there were WAY more dead bikes and people requesting them than anyone could anticipate for this time of the year.

    I ALREADY HAVE a new order in with Ignitech, as soon as those come in I'll post here and send PM's to those still needing one.

    To keep things simple, the Ignitechs will be first come, first served basis. There should be enough to go around on this order, I can hold one for you for a reasonable time if there is a need.

    The Ignitech unit replaces the factory CDI unit on 1978-1981 CX500 motorcycles ONLY.
    It nullifies the HV windings connector (white/blue) coming from the stator; it operates on 12 volts. If your bike is cutting out around 5500 RPM's because of a bad stator, this will eliminate the problem without having to replace the stator.

    If your stator is not charging the battery, it must be replaced before you can upgrade to the Ignitech. With the Ignitech installed, if you want a bit more juice or your original stator has failed, the more expensive dual winding CX stator (G47) can be replaced with the later less expensive and higher output GL500 stator (G8).

    The Ignitech is a replacement for the OEM CDI unit; it is NOT a miraculous device that will cure all your bikes ills.

    The Ignitech comes programmed with an improved ignition-timing curve. Many switching to the Ignitech report improved running with the Ignitech vs the OEM CDI.

    The newest OEM CDI out there is 30+ years old, it's a crap shoot whether the CDI or stator CDI windings will give you notice or will fail suddenly. I personally wouldn't trust an OEM CDI unit as far as I can throw it. There are many riders who are happily tooling around with the original CDI in the bike, and may do so for years, YMMV.

    Any doubts as to whether it fits, installation etc., ASK on this board, do a search of this board and you will find numerous posts, as a last resort- PM me. ;-)

    The unit comes complete with CX500 software installed and a
    PLUG/PLAY wiring harness, no modifications to your motorcycle or wiring is necessary. Simple easy to follow instructions are provided.

    I DO NOT represent Ignitech, I do not work for them, etc. The Ignitech units have a 2 year factory warranty which is handled directly through Ignitech. I will help with any warranty claims if I can.


    Verify your ignition type. There is a small chance early CDI engines may have been swapped for later TI engines, and '82 is a split year for the CX500 Custom, some early '82's had CDI ignitions.

    If your bike has either of the above pictured boxes, it is a CDI system and the Ignitech unit will replace it.

    If your bike is equipped with the silver modules marked "NEC" shown below , it is a TI system, and the Ignitech will not work on your bike:

    As stated above, I ship anywhere in the world, outside the USA, supply me with your location and I will consult shipping charges and options to arrive at a delivered price. (excluding any taxes or import duties)

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    1978 CX500 X 2
    1982 GL500I

    I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got here, or how I'm going to get out.

    Four wheels move the body; Two wheels move the Soul.

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    Woohoo! Thank you for doing this again!
    78 CX500 Cafe Project 99% Complete
    82 CX500 Custom
    83 GL650 Zissou Tribute Bike
    83 GL650 Interstate (AKA Donorcycle)
    78/83 CX500/650 Cafe Super Standard 99% Complete!

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    Awesome! I'm definitely interested!
    1980 Cx500 Custom

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    I really need 1 please let me know thank you
    1979 Honda cx 500 deluxe model:crazy:

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    This group buy came just in time. Thanks, Cobram.
    1980 Honda CX500C "The Walkabout"
    1982 Honda GL500I Restoration

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    Junior Member 6Firewall6's Avatar
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    Count me in. Thanks for doing this.
    1979 CX500c cafe
    1981 CB750 (basketcase)
    1987 GL1200 Aspencade
    1985 XV700 Needs new rings and top end rebuild

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    In! I know this is my first post but I've been lurking around the forum for a bit and can validate my interest

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    As you have indicated there is no warning as to when in the future my CDI is going to fail.
    Other than now!! standing on the side of the road wondering maybe I . . .
    My bike is at 35K miles. It has been returned to running fine in service mode by Larry rebuilding it's carburetor.
    It is a new bike to me. I purchased it last spring of 2015. It ran poorly as a messed up carb will do.
    My interest in a CDI purchase is for future inventory. Something that is hard to get quickly and so professionally.
    Many Thanks to Cobram for being a REAL GOOD resource for us CX riders. Ooh Rah
    Please advise details & protocols for completing an order.
    1978 CX500 Custom bought first issue. Sold cycle three years later, SO SAD for me.
    Now involved with a 1980 CX500 Deluxe with 33K.

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    I am interested in one please contact when they are available.
    1980 CX500 Custom 27,000 miles and counting

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    Huntington, NY
    Hi, I will take one once you get them. Please add me to your list and I'll transfer funds as soon as you tell me to.
    Thanks for doing this!!!
    Current bike:
    1980 CX500 Custom

    Previous bikes:
    1983 CX500 Custom
    19?? DR370 (Suzuki)
    1973 RD350 (Yamaha)
    1973 KX125 (Kawasaki)

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