Hello all,
I've sold my GL to a not-quite-a-friend, and my CX back to a friend, but I'm still active in old motorcycle circles online.

Went to look at a parts XS off CL yesterday, seller had a couple other parts bikes around that he'd like to get rid of. I took a couple pictures and told him I'd put them on some forums. The CX wasn't listed in the ad, but it is for sale. He'd like $500, which is a pretty good price to start haggling in my opinion. He bought about 15 bikes together in an auction, and another buyer took 8 matching GZs and he's left with the oddballs now.

16k miles and change, looks mostly complete, I only noticed missing seat, battery, side covers, and front headlight assembly.

Original ad:

My flickr pics:

There's an 82 Vision, CB125T, and a Magna? also, as well as the XS500 that I'm eying up. He's probably willing to pay ball on price, as he's "externally motivated" to get them gone.

Alright, have fun out there,