FS: Vetter hard luggage
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    FS: Vetter hard luggage

    I've got a set of Vetter hard bags with mounts for a CX500. I have three bags (two rights and a left, or two lefts and a right, I can't remember), and they're in completely solid shape, and cosmetically an 8. Paint on the doors is pretty good. Not perfect, but I'd consider it "nice".

    The mounts are another story. I have both left and right mounts. One of the mounts is missing the metal spring clip that retains the bags. Not a big deal, that can be replaced. The cross-brace is also missing. That's also not a biggie, if you can cut a length of metal pipe and use a threaded rod to bolt it together.

    I'm selling it all for $100, if you drive to Durham NC and pick it up. I don't want to ship it if I can avoid it.

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    I might would be interested in getting them if they are still available. You have any pictures of them? Thanks!
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