For sale. CX500D $3800. Not mine.
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    For sale. CX500D $3800. Not mine.

    Not mine, and don't know the owner. Located in the next town over. There are a number of higher priced CX/GLs for sale in SoCal

    1980 CX500d "Restro-mod bagger project".

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    What are they putting in the water down there? And what soap operas are bushing about the ones asking for more?
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    I have noticed bikes are priced differently around the country.
    For whatever reason Harley Davidson's are priced much higher in the New Jersey area than in Florida. A $4,000 dollar bike in NJ is only $3000 asking in Florida. That is a huge difference. I have been looking for a sportster to convert to a cafe bike by taking an 883 and building a 90HP 1275 cc motor.
    All that requires is jugs, head work and a set of cams.

    I am waiting for my house to get finished so I will have my new work shops. Maybe another 6 months. Or just in time to go back to Florida for the winter!

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