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  1. Binning air filter and induction hoseing
  2. Front end forks
  3. I made a thing.
  4. 1979 Honda CX500 Transformation Question
  5. Gl500 Battery Box
  6. Can anybody guess what these tools are?
  7. Which cross members are necessary?
  8. M-Unit wiring diagram for CDI 1980 CX500
  9. Cleaning wire harness in ultrasonic cleaner
  10. Battery box and water
  11. LED turn signals won't flash
  12. Fork Spring Preload Spacer calculation information
  13. Main fuse block elimination
  14. Side Panels
  15. Where to connect tach trigger for Transistorized Ignition
  16. Question on Wheels for CX500C
  17. LED Blinkers, add resistors or replace flasher?
  18. Electrics - m-Unit on CX650E
  19. driveshaft rubber boot compatibility
  20. Modern-Classy gauges and triple clamp
  21. 82 GL500 silverwing change motorcycle clutch, throttle grip cables?
  22. '82 Gl500 Subframe chop question
  23. mounting a GL650 fairing on a CX500
  24. Lowering and pod filters
  25. Tips for painting engine emblems
  26. How do you do this?
  27. Radiator cover idea using factory plastic screen
  28. DIY winter lowers
  29. Painting wheels, how to paint stripe.
  30. Reducing fork travel, how to?
  31. Share your G8 Stator & Ignitech Conversion from a CDI model.......require some help
  32. Electrics mounting- no room under seat......
  33. Need basic instruction on how to INSTALL POWER SOCKET on '82 Silverwing Interstate
  34. GL650 rear wheel swap
  35. Help with electricals (M-unit & other)
  36. Engine cleaning and painting advice/suggestions
  37. help with seat
  38. Double your GL650I cranking amps when starting.
  39. pods and jets
  40. seat hoop installation?
  41. Cleaning up the wires...need help!
  42. I need photo detailed info for battery box and wiring hollow look for 79 CX500
  43. Cx650 into a GL500 frame
  44. 1978 cx500 sidecover with no airbox
  45. Going to paint my GL side cover (rattlecan). Any good step-by-step tutorials around?
  46. I'm looking for a template to drill my rotors
  47. New Pipes for 79 CX500
  48. Need help Wiring the ignition
  49. GL650 engine in a 78 CX500 frame
  50. Rear shock mounting and rear fender ideas
  51. How did you level out your tank?
  52. 28" Drag bar cable reroute help.
  53. 78 CX500 carb swap?
  54. HELP NEEDED WITH COLOURS OF WIRES: Aftermarket handlebar switches rewiring
  55. Fan conversion
  56. Where to put headlight cutoff switch
  57. LED Turn Signals - What Relay?
  58. Harley Mufflers Fitment Question 65605-97/65613-97
  59. Where to put the electric stuff?
  60. Air box to filters
  61. Bottom mount headlight... Help :-/
  62. Air pressure hose
  63. Speedometer sensor mounting (2 piston caliper)
  64. Simplified wiring setup
  65. jetting suggestions cx650c w h box and screaming eagle mufflers
  66. Painting brake calipers
  67. Do I need to Rejeting carbs for Harley 883 muffler? On 1979 cx500 standard?
  68. Rear disc brake conversion CX500
  69. E Fan, do or don't?
  70. Shadow headlight lense into CX650 Custom?
  71. Any detail posts about seat modifications
  72. Installing a Murray Oil Filter Adapter.
  73. Is Eurosport rear monoshock adjustable?
  74. Wiring clean up
  75. Replacing fuel strainer with a real gas filter
  76. help!!!
  77. how to mount stock crash bars without the H-Box?
  78. lowering 81 cx500 custom.
  79. Any seat modifications without cutting the frame?
  80. Brake help...lots of help.
  81. Changing tail light to a single bulb unit. Need to know...
  82. Wheel re build
  83. Speedo/ lights?
  84. 1980 cx500 exhaust pipe question
  85. Battery relocation what are the options?
  86. Need link to way to change signals and brake to LED lights
  87. Upper shock mount
  88. Having a hard time removing mufflers
  89. Open pipes
  90. Possible Rear Frame Modifications?
  91. Removing front turn signal brackets - 82' CX500 Custom
  92. GL500 rear brake switch relocation?
  93. Battery mounting advice
  94. Electric fan conversion
  95. GL500 engine case on GL650 rear cover swap
  96. homemade handlebars
  97. Frame Cut?
  98. Wiring Question 79 Custom
  99. lower seat????
  100. DCC Metric Style Headlight
  101. CX500 exhaust question.
  102. Gl500 16" wheel on a cx500
  103. Baking
  104. Non-accelerator pump carbs and Mac 2-into-1 jetting?
  105. What to do with all these hoses
  106. CB900 Forks with CX 19" Comstar
  107. zx9r front end anyone tried?
  108. Electric fan advice
  109. Handlebar question
  110. First Custom cx500, Handle bar Help!
  111. Mounting Silverwing fairing on CX650e
  112. CBR front forks with CX wheel?
  113. Led turn signal don't work when engine is running
  114. Turn Signals
  115. help with Spark Units to IGNITECH
  116. Arduino CX500 Project : Guidance Requested (Speedo/LED Turn/Temp)
  117. Cable routing help
  118. help with overall carb knowledge!
  119. Pod filter installation
  120. fitting an 80' Custom engine in a 78' Deluxe frame?
  121. Painting a used set of Lower Fairings
  122. Monoshock Conversion Options
  123. Carburettor jets
  124. Air Box removal
  125. Exhaust Dilemma's - Could use some advice
  126. Mac 2 into 1 instalation questions
  127. Painting engine parts
  128. Samsonite side bags question
  129. Frame Rust Help
  130. Paint Question [New member/New (to me) bike]
  131. Restoring old rubber parts
  132. '80 CX500 brake upgrade
  133. Good Alternative to Clear-Coat that Preserves Bare Metal Appearance?
  134. Metalworkers: Bending Curved Steel?
  135. calling the electronic gods
  136. '79 CX500D tank question??
  137. New Euro Bars!
  138. tank fitment question
  139. CX500 Fork Swap to CBR600rr
  140. fiber glass seat pan - need rear cross brace?
  141. Install 1980 gl500I front end assy on a 1980 cx500d
  142. Converting vacuum petcock to manual
  143. Pods on '81 GL500
  144. E Fan Conversion
  145. Electric Fan wiring question
  146. What are the washers for in the all balls steering kit?
  147. help removing steering stem bearing
  148. Electrical question
  149. mikuni carb problem
  150. Questions on building a brat seat.
  151. connecting the exhaust
  152. Kickstand Shortening/Bending?
  153. Front Swap Question....
  154. Rear hugger
  155. Headlight Bucket Dilemma !
  156. Gas Tank Restoration.
  157. Building a seat
  158. Clean gauge install using stock bracket.
  159. clip on bars for cx500 (easy question for those in the know?)
  160. First few mods and a few questions
  161. Issues with a handlebar swap on my 81 Gl500
  162. 81 Honda CX500 Frame fabrication questions
  163. Suggestions for cleaning/restoring rubber parts?
  164. Help cleaning up top of triple tree.
  165. Muffler Size
  166. Shortening forks
  167. Remove gold anodizing?
  168. Getting the most from LED
  169. Switching from airbox to pods
  170. inverted fork swap
  171. Metal polishing questions
  172. electrical tail light question
  173. Tail Light Issue
  174. 1980 CX500 Custom Exhaust Questions
  175. Paint prep hell and back again
  176. Hot summer, leaky carbs
  177. will these mufflers work on my deluxe
  178. best way to revive tatty wheels
  179. Help with clip ons
  180. Painted my side plates on the engine
  181. On off switch
  182. painting prep
  183. Can I remove the headlight from my fairing and attach it directly to the bike?
  184. Dent in fuel tank
  185. carb jetting
  186. Another Seat and Tank Mod question...
  187. Fork mods
  188. Dime City Cycles mini gauges help?
  189. Will '78 gas tank fit on '82 frame?
  190. Fabricating "H-box"
  191. Switching to Pod filters
  192. 82 CX500 Custom front brake line question
  193. roller brushing tank and cowl with rustoleum
  194. New water temp gauge, wiring problem
  195. Another E-fan conversion
  196. New to forum headlight help!
  197. CX500 front end swap
  198. Stripping anodising
  199. gauge cluster lowering.
  200. engine swap
  201. shimming clip-ons, anybody done it?
  202. Custom seat on standard/deluxe
  203. My Harley mufflers don't fit.
  204. Capping front turn signal area after cut?
  205. Side Covers with pods.
  206. Installing a GL1100 stator
  207. carb exhaust combo for white knuckle performance
  208. Wire tucking or hiding help please
  209. custom temp gauge installed (easy too, I think)
  210. painting crash bars and radiator cover
  211. Jet needle shims
  212. Front end swaps. What age cbr600 will go in?
  213. 83 cx650 exhaust issues
  214. carb questions?
  215. Has anyone gutted their exhaust?
  216. front end swap with 16" wheel(?)
  217. For some added lean
  218. battery relocation
  219. GL500I box top hinge
  220. Front signal bracket
  221. painting starter?
  222. Front End swap Suzuki Rgv 250
  223. welding on to swingarm
  224. short-ish monoshock?
  225. Are the Gl650 and the CX650 motor the same for mounting in a 500 frame?
  226. mounting electrics
  227. what width rim and tyre can I fit in a cx650e swingarm?
  228. Tips on how to swap out for harley cans?
  229. Found some extra wires....
  230. airbox / pod conversion observation. Jetting. few questions?
  231. Bondo and side covers
  232. Hiding electrical
  233. Cables for ape hangers
  234. Where to find vented disk / drlling discs with patterns.
  235. Jett Size Question
  236. throttle cable set up
  237. Great Trick : Engine Paint touch up
  238. The battery
  239. What kind of paint to use on.....?
  240. Edge molding
  241. 79-CX500-C 16" rear comstar to 18" comstar
  242. Changing from air box to pods
  243. Headlight lamp change
  244. Wiring in 12v plug adapter
  245. Handlebar set up similar to this on my CX: How to?
  246. Body Work
  247. Can you rehouse the maggot light?
  248. Re-Program an Ignitech
  249. Low cx
  250. Will they fit? 07 750 shadow shocks