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    I know its not as cold where I live as some of you, but isn't "cold" really relative after all?

    Last Wednesday, the weatherman was forecasting sunny and around 50 degrees where I live and around 40 degrees up the mountain where I work. I decided to give it a try on my GL650. I'm not sure how the weather turned out at my house throughout the day, but on the mountain it never got out of the 30's and it fluctuated between drizzle and light rain all day.

    During lunch I decided to go check on a friend that had been sick, hoping the weather was better where he was, but it wasn't. I did see some pretty scenery while riding as well as some ice along the New River. I went back today in the car and took some pictures. I thought I would try my hand at posting some here.

    100_4957 by donboze, on Flickr

    This a low water bridge I rode across.

    The geese didn't seem to think it was that cold

    Lower view of the Fries (pronounced "freeze") Dam

    Upper view

    Frozen all the way across.

    It was a pretty cold ride that day, but it was good to get out.
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    I have been there before!
    I ride a Murray won't catch me.

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    It was a good ride. It'll be a GREAT ride in warmer weather.
    83 GL650

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    Quote Originally Posted by donboze View Post
    It was a good ride. It'll be a GREAT ride in warmer weather.

    Looking good, Neighbor, lookin good.
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