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    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Allen. New to the forum. 1979 CX500 Custom. I've had it for a couple of years now and really enjoyed it. Made a few modifications as things break but eventually would like to have it look a little more like a café bike. Only time and money will tell. I look forward to working with all of you.
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    1982 GL500I. Got it off my father in October, excellent condition with 8k miles. Up to 10k and adding to the tally every day.

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    hey guys, looking for people to ride with a bit longer down the road but in the mean time im turning a 78 cx500 into a cafe racer ish custom bike. doing a complete engine and carb rebuild with alot of fab work all through out the process. just finished the clutch, transmission, oil pump, statter, alternator, statter, and the carb. i may have left a few things out but im currently working on a water pump rebuild and attempting to battle the mechanical seal challenge, wish me luck! soon to come: cleaning up the handlebars. i have a 40's police spotlight that ill turn into a headlight, just finished turning a black powder can into my water resivor. added cold air intakes, and now in that empty space where the air box was, i have a WWI ammo box that im using as a tool box. working on getting some multifunctional analog gagues (actually just a single gague). trying to think of a way to replace the rear fender with something more similar to the front fender. wish me luck. im open to all insight and tips/suggestions! thanks!
    1978 Honda Cx500 custom cafe racer almost finished with COMPLETE overhaul

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    How's it going? I'm in The Woodlands and I'm building a 1982 CX500 scrambler. It was (and kind of still is) a basket case, so i'm doing a complete over haul/rebuild. I've put on a 18" CM400 front wheel, disassembled the stock 16" rear and fitted the hub to a 17" GL1100 wheel and powder coated them dark bronze. I'm currently rebuilding the forks with new race tech springs, purchased murrays carbs, fitted showa rear mono shock, modified crf pegs to fit and of course other small things here and there. I've done a lot so far but still have a ton left to do.

    I recently started a build thread here:
    1982 CX500 currently building into a cafe/scrambler CXF500R
    2017 CRF450R

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    Hey fellow Texas CX owners I'm Charles I'm new to the forums kinda, I signed up when I got the bike I just have not been active on it.
    I own a 1980 CX500 custom, it is all stock which is a great base to start from I've had the bike a year and a half I think and I now have a direction I want to go to start modifying. I will be slowly turning it into a bobber type situation, seems the popular thing is to cafe' racer it and thats just not my style.
    1980 CX500 Custom

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