Newbie Just Bought a cx500 Couple small things
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    Hello Im fairly new to the Motorcycle world and i just bought a 1981 CX 500 custom with 36,000 miles. Its been running pretty good but I wanna get in top shape for use as a commuter bike and ive got a few questions about basic maintenance stuff.

    I picked up a bottle of 75w-90 Gear Lubricant from wal mart can this be used in place of hypoid 90 for the drive shaft?

    Is the socket size for the spark plugs 18mm? Just wanna be sure before i buy one

    Is there anything specific I should use to lubricate the forks?

    Also links to any how to tutorials would be greatly appreciated( carb cleaning etc.)

    Sorry if this stuff is really newbish, also any common problems with these bikes i should look out for?

    Any advice is grealty appreciated thank you
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    Read THIS POST THREAD and many if not all you questions will be answered. If no one's taken the factory tool kit, there's a plug wrench supplied in there.
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    Thank you just what i needed just got through with all the basic maintenance and shes runnin like a champ. Sadly it didnt come with the tool kit Ill have to look around for one
    Cx-500 Custom-81


    VF700 Magna "The Bruiser"-84

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    Lots of simple basic info here,

    Also there's a tool kit here,

    Also PartsandMore do a plug spanner,[category]=tools


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    Congratulations on your new bike and welcome to the CX/GL500 forum. Take a minute to update your signature to show us all where you're from.

    Regarding maintenance, adjustments, tuning, and repairs, ask this forum and don't worry that you're a newby. There is no shame there. A tremendous amount of collective knowledge is here on this forum along with all kinds of neat-o tips and advice that isn't found in any text that I know of.

    CX/GL500's are 30ish year old bikes so check out your front brakes carefully. Consider installing a new front brake hose as it is 30 year old rubber.
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