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    Normally I have an independent shop bleed my brakes. If I do it myself, what do think is the best fluid to use on an older bike. 1982 GL500. Thanks for your input.

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    Some will pop in a give you the scoop, but I think the only thing I can remember from doing mine was dont use Dot 4 i think (I know there is one you should NOT use on the bikes, I think it was 4 but Im old and forget a lot lol)

    EDIT: OK, found the link DOT3 and DOT4 are ok, DOT 5 is DONT USE

    See, told you I was old and brain damaged lol
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    Like FADM says Dot 3 or 4 will do.I get mine cheap from a Supermarket car section.

    As for bleeding the Master cylinder if it goes low or empty,


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    I recently did this on my own as well. used some Dot 3 as per the instructions on the MC lid. attach a small clear tube to the bleeder so you can watch for air bubbles and not spill brake fluid all over the caliper. Fill the MC to the top (above the fill line, you'll drain it down). Open the bleeder and let gravity do its thing for a few minutes. after most of the bubbles stop, make sure you have plenty of fluid in the MC. Then follow these steps:

    1 - Open the bleeder

    2 - Squeeze the brake

    3 - Close the bleeder

    4 - Release the brake

    Rinse and repeat until there are no bubbles. Snug up the bleeder, put the lid on the MC, pump the brake lever a few times. If its got good pressure then you win. Otherwise pull the lid off, and do it again.

    From my own personal attempts, I did the above cycle at least 40times. I got frustrated and just left it open for the "gravity" method. About 2 min later a giant bubble came forth. Closed it up and its been great since.
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    I normally run DOT 4, even on old stuff that used DOT 3 originally. I believe that DOT 5.1 & 5.2 will also work as well, but they seem to be a bit more expensive & harder to find.

    DOT 5 is silicone-based, and normallly is not worth the cleaning & flushing involved.
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    Make sure drain out your master cylinder of old fluid as brake fluid absorbs moisture and it gets dirty.

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    I just did mine last night with belray "super dot4" whatever that means. I was going to get the motul 5.1 (not dot5), but it was like twice as much, around $14 for the container so i opted not to.

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    I like using the DOT 6 compatible synthetic brake fluid on my bikes, first off it has a different feel to it, its actually softer feeling, not such a hard feeling when you apply the brakes, more of a gradual pressure. I say I like it because it feels like its less likely to lock up a wheel in a panic stop.

    On my Silverado dually I flushed all the DOT 4 out and went with synthetic, makes a much better cold weather ABS operation, cycles faster.
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