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    Hey GLBlinded.

    I am thinking about taking on this job with my 82 GL500. Would you or anyone on this thread mind telling me what the ball park dollar amount and work time is?

    1982 GL500

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    AF, Don't think anyone can answer this because the answer depends on the condition when its disassembled.

    Could be as low as a bit of grease for cost and some time.
    Could be as high as replacement of all parts for cost and more time.
    Could be anything between the 2 ends.

    I would plan a Saturday and a Sunday for disassembly. Then see what is on my hands for the next steps.

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    On a very good day the time is about 3 hours for me - that is is everything comes apart easily. On a Stubborn pro-link it can be a very difficult task. Typically the job is all labor and no parts it will be helpful to have a wire wheel on electric motor to clean the rusty bolts and you need grease or the recommended Molly paste. I usually do this task any time I already have the pipes and H-pipe off the bike.
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