GL 500 stator into CX 500?
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    Hi guys,

    I am slowly but surely learning more about these bikes. Thankfully I now have the help of a reliable mechanic who only works on old bikes and seems to know his way around my CX 500. The good news is he reckons the engine is in good nick - carbs cleaned and set, tappets also set so she is running sweetly.

    Bad news is the charging system. After charging the battery, it lasts for a few days but then dies. Seems to charge when I only use the parking light (3w globe) but not the main beam (35w). Mechanic says stator needs replacing. Does this sound correct? And can I use an '82 GL 500 stator in my '82 CX 500?

    Finally, whilst he is in there, is there anything else I should get done?


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    You do not need to remove stator to test it. The stator unless changed is a 3 phase, which means 3 wires. Some have 3 yellow, some have 3 white wires. If the stator passes, check the wiring. If wiring looks good, could be regulator/recertifer. I've had the stator wires melted together, shorted so check that as well.
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    I concur Justen, a tad hasty to condemn the stator just yet.

    How's the battery condition, age, and fluid level? What is the system voltage at idle and at 2000 RPM? How about system voltages at those 2 RPM points with your 2 different bulb configurations? It's possible that a slightly higher electrical load would cause problems, but relatively unlikely.

    Also agree on stator connector being a possible easy fix. 100% of the CXs and GLs that I've worked on have had stator connector issues (Okay, it's actually only one of each, still true). Big fan of checking easy/cheap stuff first before getting too excited.

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    To answer the question the 82 GL stator as long as your CX is not a CDI system. Most of the 82's we're TI systems and will interchange. But you need to check all your connections and grounds. Tha stator test is simple to do. You just need a cheep OHM meter.

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    More info here.
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