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    Long story short I picked up an R6 fan. This fan isn't like most of the other R6 fans I have seen. Its only 5 1/2 inches wide. I read a few different threads on an R6 forum about how much air they move but have yet to hook it up and actually check for myself. Do you think this fan will do the job or should I source something bigger?
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    You mean a ZX6R fan? Sounds like it's one of a pair,so is smaller. Heavy stop-and-go traffic when it's 95 out might be a problem but if you mainly ride on the road, should be OK.
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    I run a 5 1/4" Spall fan. It pulls around 325 CFM and works fine. K
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    Some years ago I first tested a couple of High powered PC fans.They worked but took time to lower the Temps so knew I could do better.That's when I researched and took a calculated gamble on the,"Ducati" fans.

    I suspect you will have no problems with the fan you have chosen.

    My 2 cents.

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    You may be right FunDees. I figure I can hook it up and give her a try.

    Thanks guys.
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    I've tried two fans.

    One is a dpt 7" fan.

    Other is a dpt 9" fan.

    Both rated for 1550 cfm. Both fans seem to use the same amps to run. The 7" is maybe a tad less but nothing substantial. Mil amp differences between the two. Even though both fans are rated 1550 cfm, the 9 inch cools faster than the 7. I suppose because of the bigger surface area it's covering. Both fan's are fine and will do the job. But in the long run, the 9 inch will run a shorter period. Either is fine. I've read someone who was going to use a 5" fan to cool their cx, I wasn't crazy with that idea. Probably take longer running time with such a small surface area to cool the cores. The more cores you can cool at once, the more energy effective it's going to be. Well depends also on fan, if the fan is a amp hog you are not saving anything. But if the fan is pretty good, it will come on for little bit and off without a lot of consumption. Yet cooling entire thing pretty quick.

    Last two rides I went on. Didn't hear the fan come on. Was a bit worried and heated my temp switch up with a heatgun. The fan came on, so it's working. Found it odd how little the fan is really needed.
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    I actually ended up ordering a 7 inch fan from amazon. It looks just like the DPT fans. I didn't like my mounting ideas for the fan I had so I just ordered something. Should work out well. Hope it gets here soon.
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    You've probably seen all of these.
    Dan :happy3:

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    I installed two Vantec Tornado computer case fans three years ago on the 500, still works just fine.
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    Thanks Dan. I have looked a most of those, not all of them though.

    I wondered if anyone used computer fans. Whatever works. I'm taking a beer break from installing my fan now.
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