Different exhaust config...jetting thoughts? Also hard to start.
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    Different exhaust config...jetting thoughts? Also hard to start.

    Hey all, first post and what better way than to dive right in with a tech item I'm dealing with.

    I had a fully stock 1978 and recently started stripping things down to create more of a performance bike. In the process I decided that I would do the whole Pod filter thing, but retain the stock exhaust. However, the PO had some issues with the tips rusting out so there are no tips on it right now. Also, to improve the overall sound of the exhaust, I have drilled 8 holes into the last baffle before the end cap. I will be installing new tips that are free flowing just to make the pipes look correct, but the flow should not be impeded with what I'm going to put on there. So, that said...anyone do something similiar? Jetting ideas? I have in addition to the stock jets 82, 85, 88, 90 and 118 and 120 here.

    So, there is also a little history here...and that is that the bike didn't run 100% before I started. It seemed as though it was running lean and ran better when you restricted the air in the airbox. It was also very difficult to start, especially when warm. I'm assuming that the plugging of the idle jet was the culprit of that.

    I have the carbs taken completely apart and doing the sonic soaker and pine sol thing and will reassemble tomorrow. I'm well-versed in motorcycle build and repair but this is the first CX500 I've ever dealt with.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    assuming a home altitude of 1000 ft or less try the 88 and 118s

    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

    email me at murray at murrayscarbs.com

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