G47 -> G8 swap thread or parts list?
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    G47 -> G8 swap thread or parts list?

    Can someone point me to a thread detailing G47 to G8 swap, and or provide a parts list needed?

    '80 CX500C (In progress)
    '79 XL500S A (Restored)
    79 CX500C (Sold)
    '81 CX500D (Sold)
    '82 XS400 (Sold)
    '06 SV650 (Sold)
    '06 SV1000S (Sold)

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    You will need an Ignitech for CDI replacement, rear cover gasket, and any seals you feel are in need of replacement. Some would replace the copper washer under the impeller acorn nut.
    After inspecting the timing chain and mechanical seal, your list may grow.
    I notice you are in Boulder too, if you want any help or a second set of hands PM me.

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