80 CX 500: COMPRESSION???Hey guys. My CX 500 is only putting out 70psi / head right
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    80 CX 500: COMPRESSION???Hey guys. My CX 500 is only putting out 70psi / head right

    Hey guys.

    My CX 500 is only putting out 70psi / head right now. The bike feels pretty slow out of starts and has no real top end. Makes plenty of noise but not get up and go. After extensively tuning and cleaning carbs and ruling out other options I figured this was it. (Checked compression last...duhhh)

    Question: Is 70psi / head low enough to drastically feel a loss in power? I know its not ideal...

    And the manual calls for 171 psi....which seems ridiculous.

    I have rebuilt engines before with brand new top end components and usually get 100-110 when the manual calls for 160, as an example. So im kind of skeptical...


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    Mine runs 170 hot WOT on a compression test.

    These motors will run fairly happily down to about 100 or so PSI but below that they're in trouble.

    Was your motor warm and the throttle wide open on your test?

    What was the other side?

    Also, with new rings you won't see full compression for a thousand miles or so.
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    Wellcome to this forum, Pat

    Make a new compression test.

    1. "Normal" test (with full throttle)

    2. Spray some oil into the spark plug hole and check it again.

    If the compression increases with the second test, it'll show You that the piston rings are worn. (Bad sign, lot of work)
    If the compression does not increase, it's a sign that the valves do not close. ("Good" sign, easy to repair.)

    Mine runs 170 hot WOT on a compression test.
    Dito ;-))
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    - Pulled both plugs
    - Insert compression tester in head (other head open to atmosphere)
    - Crank engine over w/ starter for about 15 seconds
    - 70-75 PSI in L head
    - 75-80 PSI in R head

    Engine was COLD

    Checked valve clearances, all good. But maybe the valves themselves are bad?

    42,000 miles on it too :-\

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    borrow another gauge to compare it would suck to condemn a motor due to a bad gauge

    or better yet get a leak down tester

    did you hold the throttle wide open?

    if so the put some oil down the cylinder and do it again

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    If you get a good indication from all the advice above the next thing is late spark due to low capacitance in your cdi. That will make your bike run hot backfire and limit your revs.

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    Make sure that you are doing the compression check correctly. Here is what our Wiki says: Link to compression test
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    My new Harbor Freight gauge measured 80 psi on both cylinders on my cx500, which runs great. It's the gauge, I assume, because my ascot read 90 psi on the good cylinder and 45 psi on the bad cylinder (head gasket blown).

    So yeah, be sure your gauge is good. Try it on a bike (or car) that runs well if you don't have another gauge.
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