Stock Air Filters+Mac 2-1+Harley Muffler+Larry cleaned Carbs - Do I need to Rejet?
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    Stock Air Filters+Mac 2-1+Harley Muffler+Larry cleaned Carbs - Do I need to Rejet?

    Like the title says, don't plan on doing pods. Have a Mac 2 into 1 coming along with THIS Muffler (#600). The carbs have been cleaned by Larry, do I still need to mess with rejetting?

    Sorry If this has been answered and thanks for any responses.

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    It's going to be trial and error. Run it the way you have it and see how things are. But personally I would probably buy jets in size 90 and 120. I have a Mac and harley muffler on my cx500 and that was one combo I used. And all the carbs I have but 1 set have been gone through by Larry. Heck I even have an extra cx500 set in the other room that Larry did.
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    My bike has a Mac 2 into 1 with a fairly free flowing exhaust system and factory airbox with K + N filter.

    I run various sets of carbs and jetting on the bike for tuning purposes but the jetting it likes the best is 85/118.
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    Elevation will also have some effect on what jets you need too.
    Since noone knows where you are, all we can do is guess as to what might work best for you.
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    you will probably not have to touch it try it as it is

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    I am with the other Murray on this one .

    My CX500 with 2-1 and original airbox hated 90/120 jetting. Went back to original and it was a dream to ride.
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    Great thanks for the helpful responses guys. I am located in NYC. Probably will leave it for the time being but if will try suggested jetting if I have issues.

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