GL 500 Carb Rebuild
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    I just purchased a 1981 Gl500 and have been working on rebuilding the carbs and generally sprucing up the bike. As soon as my float needles come in on monday we should be up and running! When I pulled the carb, i noticed that the valves had a little carbon buildup on them when i shined a light in the intake. Is there a way to clean this without pulling the head, I question the effectiveness of fuel additives, but was looking for a preventative maintenance alternative. Thanks, this forum has already helped me tons in my rebuild and i feel i will be spending a good deal of time on the boards in the future.
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    I wouldn't pull the heads. It's the beginning of riding season. I've been riding to work every day this week. The carbon is probably from running with dirty carbs/air filter. With the clean carbs and a new air filter you might want to just run some Seafoam or similar valve and upper cylinder cleaner in the gas. Worry about it next winter when the snow is back.
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    You can squirt a bit of old Brake fluid/kerosene into the plug holes and spin the engine a couple of times with the kill switch applied and leave overnight.Just under half a Rattle can top full will do.

    Then start her up in the morning.This usually softens the carbon a lot and blows it out.Also add some Seafoam or any cheap petrol/gas treatment to a few tank fulls of gas as you go along.

    As per other post I wouldn't worry too much.
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