I have been putting this off, thinking I would get to take advantage of a buddy's knowledge, garage, and tools, but that's not working out, so I'm going in.

I'm going to do an MC rebuild, reservoir replacement, and replace the line with SS. I have all of the stuff except circlip pliers (will get at auto parts store this a.m.) and whatever jars, tubes, and doodads might be needed for the fluid draining and refill. The car parts store will have a handy reservoir to catch the stuff running out, but I'm not sure if they'll have any of the pressurizing/sucking utensils I have seen.

Over the last couple of months, I have viewed various threads and videos showing how to fill brake lines with minimal equipment and fuss, but very many of them seemed like, well, the usual internet junk, and I didn't think to note down the ones that looked good. Can anyone please point me to one or two favorites?

Knute told me to do this right away when I got the bike, but since I'm using it for such short trips, I've just tried to monitor the disk temp. It's getting warm now... And yes, I assume it's a 37 year old brake line and possibly MC innards. The slave was serviced (cleaned and put back together) by a reputable local shop not long before I bought the bike, and I doubt they would have put the PO on the road if it were total crap in there. The rubber on the piston looks fine.