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    Carb Conundrum

    So i've got a vacuum leak somewhere - rebuilt the carbs using Larry's book.

    What I've noticed is that one of my carbs is the exact same as Larry's book shows and the other one has a slight difference where the vacuum cylinder meets the carb body. One has the plastic cushion ring but the other looks like it is actually machined with a matching groove. The reason it's so perplexing is that the side that appears to be machined with the groove seems like the side where i'm getting the leak. the pictures attached are of both carbs, amazingly the one with the machined edge (the most important one to see clearly) is out of focus.

    Anyone have a similar experience or can offer advice?Name:  image2.JPG
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    IIRC there should be a seal between the cap and the carb body in that groove.

    Dig up a parts diagram. I suspect you are missing a part or two.

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    Yep, it's not different, it's just missing the sealing ring. This also sets the low limit for the slide.
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    and those sealing rings are made of unobtanium... You will have to find a second hand ring , no new ones any more.
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    I'm accustomed to the flat surface where the plastic ring sits, but that other carb doesn't have a flat surface, so the same plastic ring wouldn't fit. Definitely different mating surfaces. I'll try to take a better photos of it next time.

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