cx 500 tach noise
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    cx 500 tach noise

    Hello all, I have owned a 1980 cx500 since new and was riding last month and had a whirring noise coming from the tach gauge. I disconnected it and all was fine . I assume it needs lubrication or has a worn out gear. Are these easy to remove and fix . Does the electric wiring just unplug from the unit. Anyone else had a problem like this ? Thanks JG

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    If it just needs oil, you can do it without removing it from the bike. Just disconnect the cable at the tach, then give a small shot of oil to the end of the mechanism in the tach. It's pointed down, so you'll need an oiler like the Zoom-Spout Oiler (look it up) that allows you to apply oil via a skinny tube spout in an upward direction. I did this for my bike three years ago and it hasn't squawked since.
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    It's not too often you find members who have a "since new" bike still puttering around. How many miles on it? Also, depending on mileage, it is not often that it's been 36 years before needing any cable, let alone the tach. Tach and clutch cables are usually the first to get used up.
    Best to just replace the cable.
    Use light mineral oil in the tach head as above, or you can try teflon or moly dry lube sprays.
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    I use corrosion x products. They make oils for guns, bikes, fishing reels ect. I use the on called speed something or other. Google Corrosion X.

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