Fitting a Rickman Full Fairing
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Thread: Fitting a Rickman Full Fairing

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    Fitting a Rickman Full Fairing

    Hi all,

    I haven't been on here for a while, but bike is coming out of storage and back on the road for Spring 2017.

    My question is, I have recently acquired/purchased a Rickman full fairing, it came with some bracketry but to fit a larger gl1000, anyhow the fairing is complete with its lower pieces and in good order and i want to fit it to my 1981 CX500, does anyone have any drawings ideas as to how i can fix this fairing to my present set up, i am handy with the spanners and will weld if i have to and have a quantity of tubing and metal pieces to hand to fabricate whatever is needed, i appreciate that it is a difficult area to explain a method but from looking at the interweb i have to remove the headlamp and brackets and possibly use the steering head as one of the anchor points.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    1982 CX500 custom

    1979 half dismantled engine

    1981 dismantled engine

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    it would be way better to sell me the fairing i will put it right back on my gl1000 i promise!!

    is it a polaris model?

    here is a pic of the mounting kit

    and you might contact jiml and see what he wound up doing

    Need Rickman Polaris mounting kit pic

    then please give up and pm me way easier and that faring would look so good on my wing
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    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

    email me at murray at

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    Murray, it's a Rickman, it's in fantastic condition (sorry, not trying to wind you up.......i promise) and the elderly gent who sold it to me for £40 thought he was overcharging me and apologized repeatedly for doing so, Murray, you are possibly the 5th person to ask if i want to sell to them, i assume you mean it, i have been after one of these or something similar for three years, each time i chase after one i get beaten to the post with a higher bid or quicker buyer to the front door, this fairing was quite literally on my doorstep less than 2 miles down the road, it came of a GL1000 but the guy, who restored motorcycles, didn't have a clue as to how it came off or fitted and promised me if any more parts for it turned up he would be in contact.
    The pictures are a fantastic help mate, and i can see just by looking at them that the crash bars could also need to come off and the fixing points for the bars used to anchor the fairing.
    I'll be looking at it the weekend or later in the week when i'll hopefully get some pictures on for you. The picture below, sorry it's so small, is what i bought. Thanks again Paul

    Name:  s-l64(7).jpg
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    1982 CX500 custom

    1979 half dismantled engine

    1981 dismantled engine

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    don't know if you're still looking for parts or info, but I've just finished fitting a Rickman fairing to my CX (1978 Z), hasn't been out on the road yet. I've also looked at Jimi's pictures (he is local for me) but couldn't quite work it out, he had no more detail pics. However another local member of the CX community had his fairing off, got a good look at that (thanks HansV). Now mine is looking good so far:

    Name:  polaris_fitted.jpg
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    detail picture of the bracket fit:

    Name:  polaris_brackets.jpg
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    note the "extender" nuts on the lower engine studs. You'll also need longer bolts to fix them to the cylinder head (standard bolts will strip the threads!) Some fiddling may be needed to get the right fit. Also note they support the top half of the fairing, the gl1000 one should fit, but for the CX the lowers are different to accommodate the cylinder heads, radiator and exhaust header pipes. You'll have to find them separately.

    Send me PM if more info needed, and I still have a bracket set lying around, home made by person(s) unknown but should fit. Free for postage but heavy and ugly. ( may be in the UK next month, dont know if space to carry them is available)

    greets, Frans
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    CX500 1978, arduino computer controlled efan, variable speed, works OK but not really worth the bother
    CB250 Nighthawk 1994, general runabout
    CB250 RSD 1984, ignition issues fixed, now about this cylinder head .....

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